Daniel S. Duvall’s Plea for World Peace

Well at least I’m not the only guy dreaming of world peace

Intermittent Ramblings from Daniel S. Duvall

Human beings have always had the choice individually and collectively to look inward and make conscious decisions about how to behave. We’re well beyond the point where we could’ve already achieved world peace and restored some semblance of harmony with the planet’s environment. Instead, we’re razing the rainforests and spilling the blood of each other (and dropping bombs on children) at an ever-accelerating rate. Knock it off, fellow mammals! To the Christians in the U.S. Military, I ask this: why do you accept graven images (paychecks) in exchange for violating the “thou shalt not kill” directive of your chosen scripture? To the extremists of any faith who think that their gods approve of murdering infidels and heretics, I ask this: do you not sense that you’re perpetuating an endless cycle of violence and retribution? You can choose to participate in the wars that your political leaders demand (to appease the…

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