A fairy tale writing competition for unpublished authors who want to write for children

That is one attractive competition – with a hefty entry fee alright! The terms don’t exclude international entries but I do get a sense of being UK-centric…


kiss-the-frog-1176445_640Have you always wanted to re-write a classic fairy tale?
Perhaps you would you like Sleeping Beauty to be a little less passive or feel that Gretel should be given the feminist icon status she deserves. Now’s your chance.
However, there is good news and bad news about this competition.

First the good news:

The National Literacy Trust in partnership with Bloomsbury Children’s Publishing (of Harry Potter fame) are running a new competition that allows unpublished authors to capture children’s imaginations with a short story that gives a well-known fairy tale a modern twist.
What the winners get:
The top 10 winning stories will be published in an ebook charity anthology by Bloomsbury Publishing, that will be sold in aid of the National Literacy Trust.
There’s also a prize of £200 per winning story (I take that to mean all 10 writers will get £200)
The talented ten…

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