Logan x 2


I had the joy(?) of seeing Logan again last night. In many respects the moves was better the second time around, the emotional scenes more intensified by the knowledge of what was to come and surprisingly the action more coherent (when I first saw the movie it was all claws and blood, but actually each fight scene has some clear and well scripted emotional beats)

But I have to confess that my overanalysis got the character arc for Logan slightly wrong. As a minor niggle Xavier does tell Logan he still has time to develop family (it’s just his own confession that X-24 not Logan hears)

No the key error I made is interpreting the character of Logan at the beginning of the film as still heroic (as evidenced by his care of Charles) but mostly jaded and exhausted. A character that did not hesitate to do the right thing when presented with a situation but otherwise just wanted to be left alone. I wrote that his problem was one of connection as always but I had the situation slightly off, in that:

For the majority of the film Logan is living for Charles.

Despite his gruff approach (not unusual for the unique challenges of caring for someone with dementia) much of Logan’s behaviour can be seen as doting on his former mentor. His plan to purchase the Sun Seeker is shown to be Charles’ hope, he buys clothes when Charles suggests it and he accepts a meal and a bed from a friendly family because Charles is desperate.

The reason I feel this differs from my original analysis is I portrayed Logan as a disconnected hero, but really in Logan his bond with Charles is all that matters to him beyond even helping Laura. Ironically Charles is trying to help Logan move on from him and connect to Laura, this is shown in a scene where Charles repeats that Eden is ‘for Laura’

On the surface the statement shows how much Charles cares for Laura, but also presents an ironic tension, Logan is doing it all ‘for Charles’ he doesn’t believe in Eden and he doesn’t (or rather doesn’t accept that he) care about Laura.

The movies is somewhat of a blunt tool at times, but seeped in meaning. There is an amazing pair of scenes midway through the film. One shows Logan pickup Charles to take him to bed, a simple action, but Laura is shown staring, her need for family all but written on her face, once Logan steps into the bedroom its portrayed as white and fuzzy (heavenly) and he closes the door on Laura.

The second scene – somewhat more violent is when Logan first encounters the X-24 clone. X-24 is literally carrying Laura out of the house in restraints, Logan almost completely ignores her, running to tend to Charles first. Now this could be interpreted as Logan planning to tend to his mentor first, but for the most part the scene acts out as him putting Charles first. Even when he attacks X-24 its in response to Charles dying not to rescue Laura, who he finally picks up once the battle is about over.

Ok so maybe not the hugest change from my original analysis, but a good excuse to write more about my favourite superhero. I have to re-iterate just how great this film is, almost every scene is meaningful to the entire story I loved watching it again, even though you know….  THE FEELS











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