Hindsight: March 2012 my first blog post

I recently made the switch to WordPress after a. hearing Livejournal was taking over by Russian trolls (unsure of the veracity of this) and b. seeing with WordPress does pretty much everything a blogger needs for free and with ease.

The plan was to import my old posts, however this isn’t currently an option as far as I’m aware so I figured I’d just occasionally jump back in time to reblog and update my earlier work.

Gotta say, my first ever post kinda comes across a bit gloomy and whiny. Turns out not that much changes in 5 years (O_o) in my post I talk about how my own work never being ‘good enough’ for my ambitious self, and comparing the chances of being traditionally published as less than lotto and winning roulette consecutively.

On the positive side while I haven’t won lotto, I have managed to publish short works, and learnt a hell of a lot about writing over 5 years, most particularly, while there is considerable chance in success the traditional publishing game is really about effort and patience and a humbly ruthless approach to editing and improving.

Onwards and onwards

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