Just a great quote I had to share

There is this fellow Brian who does regular question and answer type posts on r/writing, he works for a literary agency and provides not only great advice, but has an excellent way with words in general here is one gem worth sharing:

“In my opinion, in all that I’ve seen, there are two kinds of writers.

There are the writers who think they know everything. These are the ones who crack out first drafts and stand proud and tall when its completed as if it’s done. They fight beta readers and think they know better. They are confident in their talents, despite the fact that they don’t read about craft, or read very many books or short stories at all. They just trust that their talent can fix all that stuff. And you know what happens when they submit their short story or book? When something doesn’t work perfectly, when an agent says no, or a number of agents say no? They break down and shatter. They get mad. And they give up.

And then there are the writers who go on to do big things. They don’t rest on laurels. They see the imperfections in their work and they understand that every writer, no matter how famous, has both strengths AND weaknesses. So they read about craft to work on those weaknesses and to improve on those strengths. They work very hard. They constantly question if they have what it takes. Nothing is a given. Nothing is taken for granted. They are not satisfied to glide by on the talent alone. And you know what happens when they submit to agents? They keep at it. They keep sending queries and they keep writing and they keep improving. And these are the writers who get contracts, who sell short stories, and who have no reason to question whether they are or aren’t publishable.

Because if you’re questioning it, and doing something about it — if you’re reading posts like my series or reading books on craft or reading short stories and novels by other authors and seeing that gap… then you’re not resting on your laurels. You’re not trusting your talent like it’ll save you. If you’re questioning things, you are in the right frame of mind.

Because there is no perfect checklist to ensure you will get a publishing deal or to ensure you will make money in writing. All you have is yourself and your writing. And that’s plenty.”


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