Avoiding Scam Publishers

Really useful stuff re: scam publishers

ML Keller- The Manuscript Shredder

Is that contract from a scam publisher?

While most writers know vanity presses are little more than scams, many intelligent people still fall into their traps. As information becomes more available, scam publishers continue to evolve finding new ways to part the aspiring writer from her money. Vanity presses and other scam publishers present themselves as a partner for your book, a partner who charges you fees, provides little or shoddy workmanship, leaves all the marketing to you, and then blames you when your book fails.

Some indications of a scam publisher

Charges reading fees

Our reading fee is…

A legitimate publisher will NEVER charge you a fee to read your book. Not. Ever. Publishers make their money by selling books, not by looking for them. A legitimate publisher does not charge reading fees, application fees, or processing fees. If a publisher wants you to send a check or a…

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