Q&P Episode 3: Agent Z

Great Agent analysis right here

C. Hofsetz

In the publishing industry, many badly-written queries are considered especially heinous, and they are probably the reason why you didn’t get published yet.

The dedicated people who reply to query letters are members of an exclusive elite squad known as literary agents.

These are their stories.

A big thanks to agents who take their time to tweet their queries. This series would not be possible without them.

Agent Analysis – Part 3

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Part 4: Science Fiction Special (TBA).

Agent Z

Agent Z is a literary agent that posted information about 200 queries on twitter over the last few years.

He is looking for everything under the sun except non-fiction, picture books, children’s books, cook books, graphic novels, novellas, short stories, cook books, screenplays, poetry and presidential tweets.


I analyzed 200 queries from agent Z, and he requested partials from

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