Susan Tarr Q+A | The Writers’ Cooperative

Great to see an NZer getting books out there!


Source: Susan Tarr Q+A | The Writers’ Cooperative

Author Pic Susan TarrTwitter When the rollercoaster stops (Small)What’s the story behind your latest book, When the ROLLER COASTER Stops ?

My daughter was diagnosed with Grade 4 cancer. Whilst dealing with my own emotions, I found myself intrigued with how she handled it, how her friends handled it, and how some didn’t handle it all. There is no right or wrong way. Each person’s emotional makeup is individually wrought and their reaction is their reaction. I wrote about all of this so each character has genuine life within this story. And this story is written with humour, too, because even in the darkest times, there is humour.

What motivated you to become an author?

Living so far from my family in New Zealand, I wrote long letters and detailed my little family’s day to day experiences in Kenya. When I was youthfully ignorant, I had sailed the Indian Ocean…

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