Silly Answers to Silly Questions

Do I have to write down every action of my character?

Yes I’m afraid you do. The truly great authors have this down to a fine art of describing every micro-twitch and the minutiae of every thought running through a characters head. That’s why so many classic novels feel like ‘nothing happens’

Can I change POV within the novel?

No certainly not. The reader will see this as commitment issues, once you’ve settled on one POV you’ve got to stick with that for all time.

Is technique important in writing?

Not at all. Everyone knows that exciting stories can be seen among the abysmal prose, just ask any agent or editor.

When does inspiration become plagiarism?

Probably at the point that you have someone else’s work sitting open next to you to copy while you write your own.

How do I put my ideas into a story?

Are you sure writing is for you?

Should I quit my job to write full time?

Yes but first please send the details of your current work and who the hiring manager is.

What if someone steals my work?

Didn’t you say you just wanted to get your work out there and read?

Why did I just read this garbage?

I dunno, you saw the title right?





One thought on “Silly Answers to Silly Questions

  1. hahahaha this made me laugh so much. Also “How do I put my ideas into a story?” “Are you sure writing is for you?” really makes me think of the people that say “but I don’t have any ideas for writing- what do I do?!” I just think “pick another hobby…?”

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