Review of Jessica Jones SE1

I’m just googling when this season came out and am rather alarmed to see that Jessica Jones appeared on TV in 2015.

Better late than never I figure.



Jessica Jones is my first foray into the Marvel ‘street level’ stuff and overall I enjoyed it. Bloodier and edgier than the Disney movies the serial format allows for much less heroic themes to be explored and far more dynamic character interactions.

Although there were a few things which bugged me about the season:


The conflict between Jessica and Kilgrave just didn’t seem enough to sustain the season. While it made some sense that Jessica wanted to capture Kilgrave alive to save Hope from life in prison, it just became a frustration when there were numerous opportunities to kill Kilgrave, so much so it was almost an upturn when Hope glassed her own neck to allow Jessica to kill him. I totally got behind the fact that Jessica didn’t want to straight out murder someone, but time and time again more people got killed or caught in the crossfire of Jessica’s attempts to free Hope which begged the question: is Hope worth more than all the other innocent victims?

No to mention that Jessica essentially just became immune to Kilgrave at a plot point when it made more drama to do so, sure it lead to a half satisfying conclusion but it still felt hollow because she just did something that if she had done earlier less people would have been killed/maimed/psychologically disturbed. It probably would have been more interesting to see if the ‘can Jessica manipulate Kilgrave into doing good’ idea was stretched out longer.

I think overall I wanted to see more ‘monster of the week.’ episodes, if memory serves there really only were a couple of stand-alone storylines and normally I love long running plots, but in this case I wanted to see more of Jessica developed more generally.


Overall not unhappy to have watched, but hoping Daredevil and Luke Cage are a bit better (not even going to bother with Iron Fist after being torn apart by the internet and my bro who said it blew too)

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