How To Develop A Following On Twitter

On Twitter: by Kirsty Allen

The RoamBlogger

As I hastily approach the 700 follower mark on Twitter it begins to hit me, nearly 700 people actually want to see my posts, support my writing and like my tweets. 700 people who have seemingly appeared from nowhere, only 6 months into using the app.

There are some days that gaining a Twitter following feels a bit like collecting Pokemon cards and then others, when prestigious movie directors follow you, that make you realise that those 700 people actually exist and are potential clients or networking connections.

So what are my tips and tricks for gaining followers for someone new to Twitter?

  1. Have a photo. Mine is a logo but it can be a picture of yourself, it just has to be a good image. Make it stand out, fit in your niche. I’ve seen paranormal romance writers use dark gothic colours and imagery in their profile picture and header…

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One thought on “How To Develop A Following On Twitter

  1. Interesting blog post. 😀 Another Twitter tip is to include visuals in your tweets. They get far more RT’s than plain text tweets. If you are tweeting about your writing, add a book cover or review quote. @Lizzie_Chantree

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