Suspense vs Mystery: What’s The Difference? A guest blog post by Allison Maruska

I like the infographic: Mystery, Suspense and my favourite HORROR

Dan Alatorre

As a sponsor of my Word Weaver Writing Contest, you get a free guest blog post!

Oh, you’re having a writing contest?


Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2For details on how you can win valuable prizes and get a critique of YOUR writerly work by ME, click HERE

Today, contest sponsor, bestselling author, and friend of the blog Allison Maruska uses her guest blog spot to discuss a writerly topic.


renovatio-ebook-v4Before I start, I want to thank Dan for hosting the Word Weaver writing contest and for having me on as a sponsor. My donated prize is an audiobook copy of Project Renovatio, my YA sci-fi/mystery. In brainstorming topics for a guest blog post, Dan and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Dan: How about something about the trilogy? Maybe about their genre?

Me: They aren’t exactly the same, though. Renovatio is mystery. Liberatio and Ancora are suspense.

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