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Start with the small goal of writing one sentence a day, and you’ll write a thousand. Simplicity is the best form of writing, and the only way to be a writer is to sit down and begin with that first word. Said is not dead. Using the word very is lazy, but most people are […]

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One thought on “Writing Tips — Lonely Blue Boy

  1. Excellent advice in a small space. I find that getting started at all is my greatest daily writing challenge, never mind “4000 words a day.” Usually when I get started I have little trouble in staying at the desk for four hours or more. But, alas, I wait for inspiration. I could, however, just TRY once in a while!

    I also aim for a “simple and direct” style; Simple and Direct is the title of a book by Jacques Barzun that I read decades ago. I think of “simple and direct” as the “pornographic” style; I’ve written a lot of pornography for my own pleasure, and there, you really want the words to get out of the way. (If this seems a shocking revelation from a stranger, clearly you haven’t seen my blog.)

    Couldn’t agree more about “said” and “very.” I rarely use anything but “said,” and “very,” if I can find it in my prose, is always an opportunity to replace it, and whatever follows, with a spiffy creative alternative. That’s one place where a thesaurus might be useful.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at a little of your blog.

    Alan Carl Nicoll
    (I use all three names for most purposes, for two reasons: there are other Alan Nicolls online, and I don’t want my reputation coming back on them; and I prefer the sound of it to the sound with “Carl” omitted. It sounds more “writerly.”)

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