The Contradictions of Writing

To write you must:

  • Be almost supernaturally arrogant to believe your words are worth writing, yet sublimely humble in receiving feedback and accepting some won’t like your stuff
  • Be creative AF, yet disciplined and routine in craft
  • Write originally yet understand ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’
  • Be an optimist while understanding ‘the market’

Basically keep your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground!



What other writing contradictions are there?

4 thoughts on “The Contradictions of Writing

  1. Be prolific, yet succumb to the occasional writer’s block.

    Write for yourself, yet submit your work to the mercy of editors.

    Strive for wealth and success, yet live in abject poverty.

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  2. This is so well stated… I hand copied it into my personal journal for reference. Hope you don’t mind :). Haha, too late now I guess! All of that is the reason I’ve stepped away from writing. I began with that “arrogance” which was then fueled by others positive comments. Now, of course, I’m finding how difficult it is to get better. That next level up. I should mention I’m a new writer. I hit that next rung up – realized I’m not *that* good, then saw miles of road ahead in terms of work. Last weekend I had a minor nervous breakdown over wanting to write well. Ha, I wonder if everyone who writes gets that. Writing is not for the faint of heart, I’ll say that much. So I was like, “okkaayy, let’s get some exercise instead”. Your rule/guide up there is a good reference though if I try to write again. Thanks for sharing. I like that illustration too.

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    • Hey I 100% guarantee you aren’t alone in your writing journey! I certainly started off thinking I was the shiz, and then for a long time got stuck in a limbo of realizing I wasn’t but having no idea what it was I needed to get better. It’s taken me years to get that knowledge and I suspect it’ll take more years just to get good at actually doing anything good – don’t give up!

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