2018: Reflection for the year

Probably the scariest thing about this post is looking back to my 2017 and wondering what the heck I’ve achieved since then!


I guess we’ll start with this blog, last year I spoke about lofty goals and how my productivity cycles tends to start with a bang and deflate after a few months. This year I have to say I can’t claim any banging process, but at the least I have plodding along, and continued to meet people and secure a few views consistently over the year. While there were definitely some big gaps in activity, there was no “hiatus” or absolute neglect compared to the later half of 2017.

In saying that however my online activity related to writing has plummeted. Its debatable whether that is a good or a bad thing, definitely a case of “real life” catching up a bit resulting in an overall drop in online activity, I haven’t spent much time on r/writing, and funnily enough in my 2017 reflection I noted my distraction by external topics whereas 2018 could be described as a fully absorption by issues right in front of my face!

I never intended this blog to be about my personal life but I figured a brief snapshot of the kinds of things that went on in 2018:

  • Son started Kindergarten
  • Death in my wife’s family
  • New job stepping into a management role
  • Father got remarried
  • Major breakup in extended family
  • (tried) to study in the background

And other stuff I’m sure, some of which I don’t even want to mention on a public forum and some which I’ve honestly forgotten in the fray. Now not all of the above are necessarily bad, such as getting a new job has been wonderful, but there is no doubt its been a head-trip. And my wee-mate starting kindy is not bad at all, but again there is no doubt its a bit step and requires a chunk of headspace.

So that’s partly why my online activity has taken a hit, and I confess my reading has too. Although this has also been an issue with having a strong focus on non-fiction at the moment, which isn’t great news for my Goodreads book challenge! Currently sitting at 15 books to read for the rest of the year. (totally doable but one might consider taking the philosophical approach)

As for writing its been fairly low output – much for the same reasons as everything else however I have continued to learn and in particular focus on learning about my weaknesses. At the moment my writing routine seems to be taking pot-shots at projects and then putting them away for long periods.

Although as always the best part of this journey is connecting with like-minded others. While there is a veritable tonne of things I’d like to get done, not only my own projects but supporting my wife more with hers – I still feel pretty blessed to be able to surround myself with other writers of good humour and company.

Long may it last.


Speaking of not getting things done that I should – my plan is to Marathon (over months I’d say) the MCU movies leading up to End Game. So sorry it won’t be writing related posts over the break 🙂

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