Marvel Marathon: I am Iron Man Too

As mentioned in the previous post, I accidentally skipped over the Incredible Hulk, so I’ll get back to that wee chestnut soon, however for now…


I would give a lot to have seen some of the internal planning of Marvel Studios at this juncture. Iron Man II sits very oddly in the history of MCU movies in that I feel that most, with hindsight, view the movie as pretty average. Crammed with many different threads and a pair of lackluster villains, the film feels more like Marvel finding their feet rather than what one would expect from a Marvel film today, and basically not a huge improvement on Iron Man one.

However in the context of being the 3rd MCU movie at all it doesn’t sit too badly, I think rewatching these films reminds me just how much the Marvel Universe really hinged on the success of the 1st Avengers film, and without it probably would have just been Iron Man and a bunch of spinoffs, which it kind of is building up to Avengers 1.

Something else that Iron Man 2 reminded me of is the oft-cited “villain problem” with Marvel Movies. I remember back when this one came out, ‘Hammer’ being irritating AF and time hasn’t softened this stance, the character feels like they basically gave him all the Tony Stark lines that weren’t funny enough, doesn’t have a motivation and ends up presenting more as a puppy dog that elicits sympathy than a villain. Whiplash at least offers some harshness and intimidation, but has a similar under-cooked feel the writers obviously hoped that his general smirking and leering counted as characterization. His character didn’t really bring anything to the table in terms of challenging Tony, other than being a threat and having a similar suit.

Anywho, time to jump back to 08 and The Incredible Hulk. This ought to be fun.

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