Naming Characters in Fantasy

Great Fantasy guide!

The Story Scriptorium

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1. Not only does this site provide generators for established fantasy races/cultures, but it includes real world languages as well as well:

Sometimes I mix and match to create a pleasing phonetic effect appropriate to my culture. For example, the Flaurians are northerners ruled by a brotherhood of knights, so I chose Danish/Scandinavian roots for the northern effect and combined those with suffixes from diff languages (Roman especially) for the grandiose knightly effect. With such results as Laine Caruth; Wynvert Cordray, etc.

2. Another trick is to combine two words. One of my characters for WoW RP was named Jeth Holywrought. (Holywrought being a play on words because he used to be a paladin but became a death knight, so the holiness rotted).  You’ll see this all over the genre; from Magni Bronzebeard to Sam Overhill.

3. A…

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