Spoilerly Review: Midnight Mass

I seriously need to get back into writing something so figured I’d do a piece on Midnight Mass:

Midnight Mass is awesome and thoughtful and terrifying ...

So just in case the rock you’re living under doesn’t have Netflix – Midnight Mass is the latest from a popular horror creator Mike Flanagan. The story is almost exclusively set on Crockett(?) a severely isolated island somewhere in the US, well designed to be simultaeously modern and isolated and somewhat backwater too.

The overall feel is very much Stephen King’s Salem Lot, in fact there are more than a few parrallells (main characters with a driving charge, gossipy small town, flames) however the odd twist is that the vampire is (willfully) misinterpretted as an angel and we see the bizarre effect of essentially cult formation alongside the spreading supernatural infection.

In the beginning the show does start a little slow but this is used well to weave character themes of guilt and forgiveness throughout the tale rather than making it purely a bloody slaughter fest. Some of the best parts of the show are small character moments where deserving characters get redeemed or shamed as appropriate, its quite a weird juxtaposition to have reasonably deep character moments among mass supernatural violence. Also for all the horror shows I’ve seen Midnight Mass might be the only one that actually kind of addressing ‘realistic’ responses to a supernatural situation, in the sense that there is a wide range of the populations reactions, some people are traumatized, others radicalized, others resistant or conflicted.

There were a couple of gripes, the chief vamp was as little inconsistent, I enjoyed how they added a plot point that it was kinda oblivious to injury to the point it ignored attack but it was kinda written both as evil mastermind and instinctual animal at once.

Anywho defo a much watch for horror fans, and a decent one at that!

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