Review (Non-Fiction): In Sheep’s Clothing - In Sheep's Clothing by George K Simon

Kinda wierd reason for reading this book – in various lockdown impulse buys I’d picked up a few books about manipulation and many of them referenced this book, so I figured one last read on the topic!

In my opinion, In Sheep’s Clothing started off kinda poorly with a little too much focus on categorization of personality disorders, which can be important but mostly just creating too many confusing categories that ultimately did not add anything to the later 2/3 of the book.

That said the following sections which included case studies, specific examples and a conclusion with useful advice for responding to and managing manipulation – was really useful and insightful. What I particularly appreciated was not a focus on winning or beating other people but actually managing challenges in a respectful self-protective way.

Being a relatively short book – it is actually an overall pretty useful read in terms of insights, and possible story ideas if looking for character inspiration too?

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