Book Review: Mort (Discworld re-read)


Book Review: Mort / Terry Pratchett / Teen / Adult | Sue ...

So I have a bit of an odd soft-spot for Mort. Odd, because its not the first Discworld Novel that I’ve read, but it is the first graphic-novel of the Discworld I picked up when I was quite young. Funnily I didn’t really ‘get’ the Discworld a the time, I did not understand why the MC was not heroic and him and the love interest(?) where busy insulting each other constantly.

Nonetheless it was a strange pleasure going back to read Mort, something I am finding going through the Discworld Novels with an older lens is there is a much different feel to the books. Probably the most surprising is that once you connect with more of the humour the stories do seem less serious, it is satire afterall.

As a bit of an aside I find it interesting that most people see the Discworld series as quite ‘wacky’ and fun but I think due to reading them at an early age and missing much of the jokes I do find myself tapping into the darker elements of the novels (in a good way).

Speaking of – back to Mort itself, the story is the first of the Death novels, and interesting doesn’t continue with its two main/side? characters Mort and Yssabel. I wonder if perhaps Mort as a character is a little too close to Rincewind (who incidently features briefly in Mort, most main characters do not cross paths in Discworld Novels however they do appear quite frequently).

Something intriguing with Mort is Prachett has refined his plotting with this novel, messing with ideas about how timelines/fate and choices collide, branching out into a story which is more about the consequences of the characters’ actions rather than a typical fantasy magical threat of some kind.

All of Prachett’s Discworld Characters are ‘the best’ but the Death series is particularly fascinating thread that I’m looking forward to recounting the rest of.

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