Review: Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd reading

Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Wyrd Sisters

Rereading the Discworld novels is a really interesting experience. I’ve read Wryd Sisters before, and to be honest not thought much about it and would have probably rated it a little low on my ranking of the series novels.

However rereading through makes Wyrd Sisters, if anything, fascinating to compare.

Technically this is book #2 of the Witches, well Granny Weatherwax was introduced in Equal Rites, but this is the first book of the coven, properly introducing Nanny Ogg and Magrat. It’s also the second such re-introduction of recurring characters (after Rincewind) and the first Discworld novel with a more ensemble cast.

Of course the other books have multiple characters, but at this point in the Discworld it feels Pratchett was still settling into recurring cast. What makes this so interesting is that it feels like the interactions between our main protagonists is much more significant than say Rincewind’s general ranting and quipping with whatever characters he ends up next to.

Also the story is much more grounded than previous – both in respects to avoiding the world/time/dimension destroying levels of the earlier books, but being more relevant to the characters at hand. Also Wyrd Sisters has a lot less fast-paced zany travel, almost a mainstay of the earlier books.

What I’m trying to say is: all in all Wyrd sisters while perhaps not reaching the heights of some of the later additions, is where one really starts to feel entrenched into the Discworld and the characters. While Ankh-Morpork is only featured briefly we start to get some of the more eccentric goings-on like the guild of thieves.

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