Review: Sandman Vol. 7

Man, after a while it gets pretty hard to review Volumes of Sandman other than just throwing a brief synopsis and saying ‘this was great’ buuuut, Sandman Vol 7 is particularly great.

Why so?

I guess: Volume Seven does contain a lot of resolution building up in the series, featuring a heavy focus on The Endless (including Destruction), Sandman’s ongoing change. In saying resolution Gaiman likes to play around with implied emotions and events, even though Vol 7. has a lot more plot progress than earlier volumes there is even more brought up unrevealed and probably more questions than answers.

That said the mood/tension/setting are all intense and perfect for Sandman – alongside all the above points there is also space for minor characters who are just as interesting and compelling as our Endless MCs.

Vol 8. is still on route in the mail and I can’t wait.

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