Review: Sandman Vol. 8

Oh man, so even thought I thought that Vol 7. was my favourite Sandman collection I then moved onto World’s End!

Now technically I’d read World’s End before, but quite a while ago, and also out of order in the series and missed like 9/10 of the important parts of it!

The premise of World’s End is several characters gathering at the World’s End in the middle of a ‘reality storm.’ While on the basics it seems similar to the other Volume’s that gather standalone stories – World’s end has some recurring characters, with connections to past stories and importance for the next stories and of course has a pretty devastating finale (spoilers I guess, I don’t know how well known the conclusions to Sandman are)

I confess I’m already 1/2 way through Vol. 9 already before getting around to this review and HOLY MOLY my mind is already disintegrating! When is the Netflix Series coming?

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