Review: Sandman Vol 9.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite so nervous and excited to read an entry in a series as Sandman’s Kindly Ones. In hindsight I am a little sheepish because as a teen I read through Sandman in a very haphazard random order, pretty much based on what was available at the library at any given time. I’d never captured the whole tale but actually had most of the material somewhere in my memory banks.

So finally reading the epic conclusion(s) of this series was quite the experience, I never realized or expected Gaiman to actually put together so many threads and characters of the series, to be perfectly honest I’d assumed that the series being about “dream” would have a nebulous dreamlike quality, which it obviously does, yet simultaneously does have proper story ‘etiquette’

Vol 9 is the bulkiest of collections with plenty of material to process probably only matched by volume 1 with having the most collected ‘story.’

There isn’t too much more to say other than if you’re wanting an emotional, complex, return of past characters and generally epic story this is it!

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