Review: Sandman Vol. 11

Vol 11 of the Sandman series is a collection published Approx. 10 years after the conclusion of the series. It covers one tale per Endless. Despair, Delerium and Destiny have fairly alternative narratives, and Dream is a deep dive into the past (no tales of new Dream)

Overall the story is enjoyable, I wouldn’t grab it looking for any reveals for the overarching plot, there are hints as to the cause of Delerium’s change from Delight although I couldn’t interpret the dense story, also a major suggestion as to Dream’s dislike of Desire. Desire’s story provides insight into the nature of Desire, which while not containing any specific plot details does provide some character understanding.

TBH while you will want to read this to devour anything Sandman there is nothing necessary in this volume, it feels very similar to the standalone tales sprinkled throughout Sandman.

I will eventually re-read Overture (the prequel) but I will take a break for now!

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