Review: Shadow and Bone

I’m probably either 10 years too late for this review, or 1-2 years if latching onto the Netflix release

So first off this is going to sound like one of those weirdly negative reviews where people might be like ‘did you actually like this book’ – hopefully I can explain.

I’ve been aware of Shadow and Bone for a while but didn’t feel the need to read, until a friend recommended. I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall the tale is fairly cliche and tropey BUT I feel this was done well. Generally what I noticed is whenever something a bit tropey came up the pacing of the novel was quick enough that I never felt bogged down in it.

To explain the trope accusation, we have orphans the MC is a surprise chosen one who goes from rags to ‘riches’ love triangles, hard to access power which (why is this such a trope) seems to basically be a generalizes glowy power.

Also this might just be my person nitpick but some of the world-building was really just relegated to tweaked spellings and odd names for things – the most egregious example being referring to a “Kaptain” in dialogue and then literally referring to Captain in the narration. I’m not sure if it was a typo or just kinda lazy writing to make it seem like a ‘world.’

Anyway as I said it probably sounds like I’m being super negative, the story is actually exciting, intriguing, and the magic stuff was a tonne of fun. I wouldn’t necessarily pick this book up if you wanted something mind blowingly new or different, but if you just wanted a solid fantasy adventure then this is the book.


2 thoughts on “Review: Shadow and Bone

  1. Based on your comments, it seems to me like the book could have used a better editor. I see worldbuilding inconsistencies like the Kaptain/Captain thing in fantasy authors’ work all the time. Writing second world is hard. You have to fully own it. If you miss something, it makes it seems like you don’t understand your own world. I’d like to believe that anything I’ve edited has been rid of those issues, since it’s something I keep in mind when reviewing a manuscript. In defense of the authors, though, it’s really hard to keep these things straight sometimes, since you are going against the language usage you’ve known all your life.

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