About Thomas Edmund

Hey Team

My name is Thomas, I’m a 30-something fellow who writes. Almost ten years ago I honestly thought I was going to compose a huge best selling novel, publish and live famously from then on out, or even just earning enough to quit the day job thanks.

Ten years later I’m still learning about the craft, I have 2.5 novel drafts under my belt and a few short stories published in ezines.

Since becoming a registered psychologist and having a child, my goals have become a bit more balanced, I mean let’s face it I would still love the millions, but more important to me is writing something that has an impact on someone. I don’t care if its a piece of free online content, a short story or just a blog post someone really dug.

I blog hear mainly my thoughts on writing advice and insights I’ve gained, the occasional movie/television review and once a week something ‘off-topic’ I don’t really want this place to be a political or controversial blog, but sometimes I just gotta vent!

In terms of ‘real life’ I mostly work (I work for a support agency for people with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder) and tend to the whanau (family). When I get the chance I love walking, including hiking, nature, bird-life and all that. I’m also a bit addicted to Pokemon Go.

The purpose of this blog is not to preach, instruct, or generally pretend to be a great authority on anything, but to connect start discussions and meet people with similar interests. Sure I would love to publish a novel one day, but I will settle for just having a great time with my fellow writers.

Feel free to drop me a comment or email, or catch me on twitter @thomasedmund84

Take care of you and yours