How “Start With Why” is vital for Writing


While Sinek’s book is very much focussed on business or organisational leadership I feel like understanding your Why is really important in Writing. I remember myself (what seems like a ridiculously long period ago) getting started in actually writing and basically having a silly amount of ‘Whys’:

  • Wanting to not need a dayjob
  • Being famous and influencial
  • Being a Best-Selling writer
  • Having screen adaptations of my work
  • Blah blah blah

Actually I don’t want to hassle my younger self or the very many writers which I know are out there (thanks internet) with similar lofy goals.

What I do think is important thought is fully understanding the Why. My point being that a lot of writers don’t just want success x 100 they also want to create original works, or stay staunch to their visions and feel threatened by feedback or edits. At some point these goals do start to contradict each other and can create a lot of tension. For example if one wishes to be comerically successful there are a lot of sacrifices that one will have to make, usually in persistence and compromize. In the converse if the ‘Why’ is to get your personal vision for a story out in the word, this path will be a lot more fufilling if you’re not trying to get your work picked up by Netflix too.

Personally I think Starting with Why, helps a writer to focus on whats important to them which if anything else allows them to much more enjoy the journey rather than despair (let’s face it writing is a bit of bittersour activity at the best of times).

Original Simon Sinek TeD Talk:

Given that we are rounding out another tough year with a very uncertain 2022 ahead of us, its a good time to rather than set stressful or guilty goals for the new year, to maybe consider your ‘Why’ and then worry about ‘What, and How’…

Take Care, Nga Mihi Nui

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