On Writing: Examining My Destructive Writing Habits

Alrighty – watching this vid as I write, let’s do some reflecting…

Not Letting Others Read Your Writing

Hmmm interesting, I don’t really mind this. (Am I the Narcissist?). I think doing a lot of music in my younger years helped with this – I don’t technically share a lot of writing, but its more because no-one has asked for it! Thankfully I’m aware that my writing can be flawed without me being flawed and/or even great writing won’t be for everyone.

Holding Unrealistic Expectations

Well, damn. Went right from confident to being an absolute problem of mine. I don’t really focus on external goals like best-seller lists etc, BUUUUT I am very very bad at imagining a lofty goal around word-counts and or amount of material I should be doing. Exactly as our expert says it undermines real progress daydreaming about hypergoals.

Doubting Your Abilities

I don’t so much doubt my writing abilities – more my short term memory and ability to resist procrastination abilities.

Being Impatient

Feel like this links into expectation – really good points from Alyssa. Strangely I feel I’m OK with the patience part, uh but since I procrastinate maybe I actually need to be less patient? LOL

Distancing Yourself (from others)

This is an interesting one – since most of my writing interactions are online I don’t think I’m too guilty of distancing myself. Although I have noticed by habits come and go over time. For example I used to be every day engaged with r/writing on Reddit, but the past few years I’ve just visited rarely and this year again starting to stop off. Similar habits with Twitter, some years I’ll be frequently liking and commenting and chatting with people some times less so.

Despite being fairly succinct and straightforward I think this video is really sensible – especially if someone is struggling in their head a wee bit.

Thoughts – how did you do on the destructive habits?

Do you have any other habits you’re comfy mentioning?

Any pro tips to avoid habits?

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